Brand Health Assessment

Brand health check

Marc has spearheaded cutting-edge marketing campaigns for leading healthcare companies around the globe. His innovative process of melding audience insight, specialty channel planning, content strategy within a rigorous measurement framework, begins with a comprehensive analysis of past and current performance.

Prospective clients seeking fresh insight often begin by scheduling a Digital Brand Health Assessment with Marc. This one time brand evaluation offers a unique preview of actionable insight based on your disease state, audience segment and products. In addition, clients will glean:

  • The digital landscape and competitive dynamic for the disease state from the perspective of core target audience segment
  • Search and social media insights into how each segment seeks information and talks about their condition
  • Analysis of the brand’s current discoverability and content emphasis in light of current search and social signals

As a result of this initial assessment, most brands choose to continue their relationship with Marc and his team, leading to a custom activation plan based on precision-targeted media communications, an optimally balanced channel plan and a fully-integrated, execution-ready content road map.

How to get started: This is a paid one on one engagement with Marc. To receive an overview of pricing, testimonials and references, email Marc at or send a note below.